Public Address (PA) and Voice Alarm

Systems for public disclosure and voice evacuation broadcast voice messages in event of fire or threatening life and health of those present in the building.

These systems receive an alarm from IPR, which related, then most often automatically submit the warning tones, followed by a preset one or several voice messages. Suitable for sites intended for the public, such as shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, business centers. They allow background sound, both locally and centralized messages.
Are an excellent solution for background sound, fire – escape and technology, or advertisements in offices, shopping and sports complexes, hotels, railway stations, airports.

According ordinance Ordinance Iz-1971 construction – technical rules and standards for ensuring secured fire alarm system for evacuation in case of fire are mandatory for public buildings with more than 100 inhabitants. Warning system meeting the requirements of the Ordinance must be certified according to the requirements of European standard EN 54.