Video surveillance systems

Modern CCTV systems aim to prevent unwanted actions by outsiders or staff at critical points of the object, providing additional security and control.

We offer complete solutions for local and remote video surveillance for small and for large and high-risk areas and open areas, using high quality and reliable equipment. With its stylish design, the cameras give a modern look to any building. Monitoring sites are public buildings, playgrounds, offices, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, shops, restaurants, auto parking lots, construction sites, railway stations, airports, casinos, and other thoroughfares.

The systems are built in video cameras, transmission medium (cable or wireless) device to record data – digital video recorder (DVR) and video surveillance server. The visualization is done on screen. Depending on the degree of certainty of video can be recorded and monitored over a headunit. The recording mode can be selected in a user-friendly way – constantly in motion, on a schedule or events. Remote monitoring allows monitoring of events in your office, home, shop, warehouse, facility live or recorded via the Internet or mobile phone from anywhere in the world.

Digital video surveillance systems can analyze the information and respond to his base. CCTV systems are part of the security systems. Security enhancement is often necessary to build and systems and security (security), fire, access control and working time.

When designing and building video surveillance systems comply with all security requirements.