Video intercoms

The Video intercom systems provide regulated release for residential and / or office buildings and prevents the undesirable persons in the building close by voice and video.

Of our intercoms are original, innovative and functional line which can offer a good solution. Thanks to the high technology and the variety of materials are perfectly integrated to both modern and traditional styles to.

Alarms are designed to meet the individual needs of each client. With her clean, modern design, soft lines and ergonomic headset intercom systems adapt to any style of furniture.

Installing modularity allows to integrate easily in different environments and depending on the wishes of the client. Have features such as opening doors, lighting controls in the stairs and adding buttons horizontally and vertically.

The system can be integrated module for access control, which replaces the need for keys handy maps or chips. The system records unauthorized access with an option for an alarm and / or alert the phone, GSM.