Article surveillance

The use of security systems for goods in stores drastically reduces losses from theft. The systems are extremely flexible and allow secure even double protection and stylish design adjusts to any store.
Goods are marked with special labels and systems installed at the exit of the site, issue a warning signal when moving past them on nezakupeni goods.
The systems are built on the latest technology solutions in the field of security and control.

Proven benefits of security systems against theft of goods are:

  • Dramatically reduce losses from theft of goods from customers, staff and suppliers – in many cases up to 60-70%
  • Ability to reorganize towards selling stalls to which the customer has access, which stimulates sales volume
  • Extremely high level of security against counterfeiting
  • Compact, waterproof, are not affected by electromagnetic fields and zamyrsyavaniya
  • volatile
  • High throughput at peak times
  • Ability to apply a text and bar code information
  • Savings from reducing staff engaged in protection of the goods

When security catalog using different technologies: acousto-magnetic (AM), radio frequency (RF), electromagnetic (EM), protection of samples, which have their own advantages in different types of retail outlets.