Fire alarm systems

In modern society there is a tendency to increase the fire hazard in buildings. In terms of automation of manufacturing and buildings with simultaneous presence of large numbers of people, the requirements for fire and emergency safety are increased. Main reasons for this are:

  • Construction of high-rise buildings and the area where the fire quickly spread in the vertical and horizontal direction.
  • Widespread use in the construction and furnishing of flammable synthetic materials.
  • Production processes at high speeds, temperatures, pressures.

COMEO Ltd. is licensed for the maintenance and servicing of fire extinguishing systems, fire alarm systems, smoke control and heat, fire hydrants, according to Ordinance № Iз – 2377 of 15.09.2011. Ministry of Interior and according to the Interior Ministry.

Prevention of casualties in a fire, serious property damage and environmental pollution are the main objectives of a system for early detection. Building fire alarm systems is a preventive measure to limit fires and their consequences. Efficient and effective fire protection, both in the workplace and in the home is our main task. After a thorough analysis and assessment of the fire hazard of a particular object, we design and build the most effective option for the Fire alarm system in accordance with existing regulations in Bulgaria and requirements of Service “Fire Safety”. Due to the specific capabilities of fire systems are suitable for use in all types of objects. Characterized with modern design, convenient control and monitoring of events and reliable operation. Proper design of the fire alarm system is a prerequisite for effective action in case of fire. Each fire alarm system performs specific functions:

  • detection and indication of fire in the initial stage of its development
  • trigger the alarm to evacuate the people present in the object
  • quickly and safely orient people to emergency exits
  • sending a signal to a fire alarm to appropriate services
  • management integration and operation of fire fighting equipment and other protective devices and / or systems

The products we use are manufactured according to European standards and meet all requirements for quality and safety. Fire alarm system consists of sensors, fire control panel and sound-light alarm. Main applications of fire alarm systems are: office buildings – offices, schools, libraries; residential buildings, hotels, warehouses, workshops, gas stations, shopping and more. described in Regulation 2.