Access control systems

System access control provides high efficiency in administration buildings by limiting the access of persons and vehicles to the controlled object. Supervise and manage staff and visitors at the entry and exit points and zones and alarms for predefined events.

Comets cover the high security requirements for controlling access of persons, by designing and building high-tech, advanced solutions for access control. Reporting systems allow for time and attendance of the working staff, a review of the system in real time, autonomous operation of the system, memory protection.

Can define different time schedules for each door – day, night, group, individual, weekday, holiday.
System access control stores all information about visitors and allows access only to certain areas.

The system can be connected to a control system for time and attendance, video surveillance system, lighting control, etc. .. The result is a reliable security system that provides control and protection of the site and the possibility saving labor and costs.

The systems enable:

  • identification, control and regulate the access of people in certain objects or parts of them
  • archive of recorded events and reports on past
  • safe and comfortable access to the site
  • easy administration modular expansion in network

Various systems for access control, we offer flexible and reliable, consistent with the functional organization and structure of the security of the premises and are suitable for residential buildings, offices, buildings with special regime and hotels. At the same time the advantage of the control of access and control of time is the application for small offices, shops and warehouses. The systems may also be used in local mode without controllers, computers or other devices.