About us

What We Do

We are COMEO Ltd. Our company makes Building Technologies Systems solutions. We provide design, construction and maintenance of our solutions, which are as follows:

  • Video surveillance systems, video security and video.
  • Fire alarm systems.
  • Security Alarm Systems.
  • Intercom and video intercom systems.
  • Systems for access control and time reporting.
  • Hotel integrated systems.
  • Parking systems solutions.
  • Barriers, fences, gates and sliding gates.
  • Structured cabling systems.
  • Electrical installations and electrical equipment.
  • Screening and announcement systems.
  • Security systems for goods.
  • Hand and frame metal detectors.

We Provide

Our main activities and responsibilities includes a big set of services like:

  • Full service by offering a modern, technological, complete solutions.
  • Solutions that optimize costs and bring maximum return on investment for our customers.
  • Ability to control the work process as a whole and of individual manufacturing operations in order to remove defects, irregularities and breakdowns.
  • Video from your office, home and anywhere in the world.
  • Subscription service that allows a very good maintenance thanks to consistent information about the systems.
  • Product range includes the best innovative achievements of leading security systems manufacturers worldwide. The products meet the European standards for reliability and quality and is accompanied by the relevant certificates.
Combination with more than one system allows to provide secure solutions prevention level at sites with different purposes and conditions.